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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Richard accuse of having Lord Hastings imprisoned?
(a) Hastings.
(b) Anne.
(c) Elizabeth.
(d) Buckingham.

2. What traditionally follows the death of a ruler?
(a) Turmoil.
(b) Infighting.
(c) Bribery.
(d) Peace.

3. What does Richard give Anne after she doesn't kill him?
(a) A ring.
(b) A letter.
(c) A bracelet.
(d) A necklace.

4. Who orders the arrest of Grey and his companion?
(a) Richard and Buckingham.
(b) Edward and the Duchess.
(c) Buckingham and Edward.
(d) Richard and Edward.

5. The woman Richard plans to marry is the widow of whom?
(a) Edward, King of France.
(b) Edward, Prince of Wales.
(c) Edward, Earl of Oxford.
(d) Edward, Duke of York.

6. What does Richard do when he first enters the scene in Act II, scene i?
(a) Apologize for his duplicity.
(b) Apologize for his desires.
(c) Apologize for Clarence's death.
(d) Apologize for any offense he may have committed.

7. What is the name of one of Richard's brothers?
(a) Neville.
(b) Hastings.
(c) Edward.
(d) York.

8. What is the name of the bishop who gathers with Hastings, Stanley, and Buckingham to discuss Edward's coronation date?
(a) Bishop Canterbury.
(b) Bishop Guy.
(c) Bishop Ely.
(d) Bishop Duke.

9. Richard tells Edward that his other uncles are what?
(a) Treasonous.
(b) False friends.
(c) Enemies.
(d) Humorless.

10. Who says that Richard was being more cheerful when Richard is absent from the meeting about Edward's coronation date?
(a) Hastings.
(b) The Bishop.
(c) Stanley.
(d) Buckingham.

11. Over how long in actual history do the play's events take place?
(a) Fourteen years.
(b) Seventeen years.
(c) Sixteen years.
(d) Fifteen years.

12. What type of person does Anne think Richard is?
(a) A saint.
(b) The meanest person.
(c) The devil.
(d) A bad person.

13. How does the third speaker characterize the queen's brothers in Act II, scene iii?
(a) Accomplished and virtuous.
(b) Christian and humble.
(c) Haughty and proud.
(d) Obnoxious and spoiled.

14. Who says, "Cry woe for this hereafter." before they die?
(a) Edward.
(b) Vaughan.
(c) Rivers.
(d) Grey.

15. In the dream, what does Richard do when Clarence tries to steady him?
(a) Push Clarence overboard.
(b) Throw Clarence overboard.
(c) Fall overbaord.
(d) Pull Clarence overboard with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Dorset and Rivers advise the queen to do?

2. What does Richard offer to Anne so that she can kill him?

3. Which two Houses were involved in the recent war?

4. What is the imagery used for the change in power after King Edward's death?

5. Who is speaking in Act II, scence iii?

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