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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Richard want to create chaos in England?
(a) He is jealous.
(b) He wants more land.
(c) Because of his deformity.
(d) He wants his brothers to suffer.

2. What traditionally follows the death of a ruler?
(a) Bribery.
(b) Infighting.
(c) Turmoil.
(d) Peace.

3. Where does Richard send Anne when the funeral is over?
(a) Crosby House.
(b) Thames House.
(c) James House.
(d) London House.

4. Where does Elizabeth flee to with her son?
(a) Church of the Hills.
(b) Charleston Abbey.
(c) Oxford Knoll.
(d) Westminster Abbey.

5. Where are Grey, Rivers and Vaughan brought to be put to death?
(a) Pomfret Castle.
(b) Popay Castle.
(c) Pomagranate Castle.
(d) Poppy Castle.

6. Why does Richard say that Clarence was killed?
(a) Because of the king's initial order.
(b) Because of the king's desire.
(c) Because of the king's dislike.
(d) Because of the king's displeasure.

7. What do the characters do with Margaret's warnings?
(a) Laugh at them.
(b) Take them to heart.
(c) Write them down.
(d) Ignore them.

8. What does the king do after he gets over his initial reaction to Clarence's death?
(a) Hate Richard for bringing the message.
(b) Lament for Clarence's widow.
(c) Lament Clarence's death.
(d) Pity Richard.

9. Why does King Edward get angry with everyone present when he learns of Clarence's death?
(a) Because everyone there was happy.
(b) Because no one spoke up for Clarence.
(c) Because everyone there was not upset.
(d) Because no one offered to bury Clarence.

10. Where does King Edward think he will go when he dies?
(a) To heaven.
(b) To the ghost world.
(c) To hell.
(d) To purgatory.

11. Who is sent to bring Edward's mother and son to London?
(a) Hastings.
(b) Catesby.
(c) Buckingham.
(d) Shireson.

12. When does the Bishop suggest that Edward be coronated?
(a) The next day.
(b) In a month.
(c) Within the week.
(d) Now.

13. Who is speaking in Act II, scence iii?
(a) Two soldiers.
(b) Two citizens.
(c) Two gentlemen.
(d) Two noblemen.

14. What does Stanley dream ripped a helm from his head?
(a) A stag.
(b) A bear.
(c) A boar.
(d) A deer.

15. A messenger comes to the Duchess of York and Queen Elizabeth and tells them that Grey and who were arrested?
(a) Edward.
(b) Rivers.
(c) Henry.
(d) Harrington.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Richard accuse of having Clarence imprisoned?

2. When Clarence is dead, he sees an unknown person that he killed where?

3. Who does Clarence tell of his bad dream?

4. Who told Clarence's children of his death?

5. Before Grey dies, he comments that whose curse is coming true?

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