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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3, Scene 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the third speaker characterize the queen's brothers in Act II, scene iii?
(a) Haughty and proud.
(b) Christian and humble.
(c) Obnoxious and spoiled.
(d) Accomplished and virtuous.

2. What do the people think of Margaret when she calls Richard a villain?
(a) They think she is mad.
(b) They think she is old.
(c) They think she is upset.
(d) They think she is lonely.

3. Richard says that he will follow Buckingham's directions in the matter of crowning a new king, "like a _______."
(a) Child.
(b) Servant.
(c) Wife.
(d) Friend.

4. Who killed Rutland, the Duke of York's son?
(a) Margaret.
(b) Anne.
(c) Clarence.
(d) Richard.

5. What do the assassins do after they murder Clarence?
(a) Throw him in the river.
(b) Dunk him in a wine barrel.
(c) Take his body to the King.
(d) Bury him in an unmarked grave.

Short Answer Questions

1. What traditionally follows the death of a ruler?

2. What relationship is King Henry IV to Edward of Wales?

3. Where does Clarence go when he dies in his dream?

4. What was the king's order to kill Clarence a result of?

5. Who comes into Clarence's cell when Clarence is sleeping?

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