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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the people think of Margaret when she calls Richard a villain?
(a) They think she is upset.
(b) They think she is mad.
(c) They think she is old.
(d) They think she is lonely.

2. Where does Clarence go when he dies in his dream?
(a) To the spirit realm.
(b) To heaven.
(c) Back to London as a ghost.
(d) To hell.

3. Who ordered Clarence's murder?
(a) Rivers.
(b) Richard.
(c) Edward.
(d) Henry.

4. What is the name of Richard's second brother?
(a) Henry.
(b) Walter.
(c) Crosby.
(d) Clarence.

5. Why does King Edward want Richard, Lord Hastings, and Elizabeth's brothers to make peace?
(a) Because there have been hostilities between them.
(b) Because he wants a peaceful kingdom.
(c) Because they are hurting his son.
(d) Because they are hurting Elizabeth.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Richard promise to Anne that Henry will be buried?

2. Richard says that he will follow Buckingham's directions in the matter of crowning a new king, "like a _______."

3. What do the characters do with Margaret's warnings?

4. What does the queen do when Richard announces Clarence's death?

5. Which two Houses were involved in the recent war?

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