King Richard III Character Descriptions

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Aldermen - These characters are London officials who rank below the mayor in authority.

Lady Anne - This character is first seen following the coffin of Henry VI, and is later tricked into marrying someone.

Archbishop of Canterbury (Cardinal Bourchier, Archbishop of Canterbury) - See Bourchier

Archbishop of York (Thomas Rotherham, Archbishop of York) - See Rotherham

Attendants - These characters are without speaking parts and names, but are seen in the company of royals or nobles.

Berkeley - This character is called by name at line 221, but has no speaking part.

Bishop of Ely (John Morton, Bishop of Ely) - See Morton

Bishops - These characters are religious leaders who are used to fool the people of London into thinking someone is holy and fit to rule.

Sir James Blunt - This character is a nobleman who first appears in V.ii. as the two...

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