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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Bolingbroke's title now that Gaunt is dead?

2. Who is the first to speak in Act 2, Scene 3?

3. Which character officially swears in Mowbray and Bolingbroke at the duel?

4. What is Gaunt's final line?

5. Where is the setting of Act 1, Scene 4?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the Queen doing in the beginning of Act 3, Scene 4? What changes this behavior?

2. What does Bushy announce in Act 1, Scene 4 and how does Richard react?

3. In Act 1, Scene 2, what does the Duchess of Gloucester seem to be saying she is going to do?

4. Which other scene in the play is Act 4, Scene 1 most comparable to? Why?

5. What is Richard told has happened to the Welsh army? How does Richard respond?

6. How does Gaunt try lifting Bolingbroke's spirits? Does it work?

7. Who is Bolingbroke looking for in Act 5, Scene 3? Describe what you know of this person.

8. What is Bolingbroke going to do to Bushy and Green in Act 3, Scene 1? What are his reasons for doing so?

9. Summarize Gaunt's conversation with Richard before he dies.

10. Are Richard and the Queen allowed to be together? Where are they being sent?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Did Bolingbroke want Richard to be killed? Discuss whether or not you believe Exton, that he wanted Richard executed, and what that changes about Bolingbroke's surface layer of nobility.

Essay Topic 2

It is probably most peoples' answer that Bolingbroke would make a better king than Richard when it comes to real life. However, Richard certainly fills the shoes of a king's character better. In other words, his character did a better job of "being a king" on stage. Discuss this difference and what Shakespeare might have meant including it with the play.

Essay Topic 3

There are many acts of compassion throughout the play. Describe some of the most important examples of this of compassion that you witnessed. Discuss the irony of who performed these acts and the situations surrounding them.

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