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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the Duchess of Gloucester's purpose in Act 1, Scene 2?
(a) She begs Gaunt to avenge her husband's death.
(b) She confesses that she did not love the Duke.
(c) She worries aloud about money.
(d) She begs Gaunt to act humanely.

2. Who stops the duel as it begins?
(a) The Duchess of Gloucester.
(b) The Queen.
(c) Gaunt.
(d) Richard.

3. Who does the Servant announce has died in Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) Richard.
(b) The Duke of Kent.
(c) The Duchess of Gloucester.
(d) Mowbray.

4. What does York warn Gaunt in Act 2, Scene 1?
(a) That Bolingbroke is confronting very harsh conditions in his exile.
(b) That his wife is going to leave him.
(c) That Richard will ignore him.
(d) That Mowbray is going to try to kill him.

5. Who is the last to speak in Act 2, Scene 3?
(a) York.
(b) Bolingbroke.
(c) Northumberland.
(d) Ross.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who announces Gaunt's death?

2. What is the biggest concern in Act 2, Scene 2 regarding the war in Ireland?

3. How many lines are in Act 2, Scene 4?

4. "The king reposeth all his confidence in thee." Who says this?

5. Who does Bolingbroke put in charge of escorting the prisoners away?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mowbray admit to during the feud of the first scene?

2. How does Gaunt try lifting Bolingbroke's spirits? Does it work?

3. What do Richard and the Queen seem to be more pained by: losing the monarchy or each other? Why?

4. What does Richard announce he will do at the end of Act 2, Scene 1? What do we learn will happen upon his doing so?

5. What is the Queen doing in the beginning of Act 3, Scene 4? What changes this behavior?

6. Describe Bushy, Bagot, and Green's different plans at the end of Act 2, Scene 2.

7. How both Richard and Bolingbroke speak in Act 1, Scene 4? What is different about their speech habits from before?

8. Who is arriving at Ravenspurgh in Act 2, Scene 2? What does this mean?

9. What worries the men in Act 2, Scene 4?

10. What happens after Aumerle and his family enter Act 5, Scene 3?

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