King Richard II Character Descriptions

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Abbot of Westminster - This character is a clergyman who is executed.

Attendants - These characters fill out the scenes and contribute to the play's royal and martial atmosphere. They are in particular are present with the Queen as she says goodbye to Richard. They appear in Act 1 Scene 1, Act 2 Scene 1 (carrying John of Gaunt offstage), Act 3 scene3, and Act 5 Scene 6.

Aumerle (Duke of Aumerle, afterwards, Earl of Rutland) - This character is caught with a plan to assassinate the new king.

Bagot (Sir John Bagot) - This character is one of the three supporters of the original king. He is not executed, unlike his counterparts.

Berkeley (Lord Berkeley) - At this character's castle, that is named for him, two different armies meet in the beginning of the play.

Bishop of Carlisle - The new king from London banished this character forever.

Bushy (Sir John Bushy...

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