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Kevin Kwan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Captain Ghale has a confrontation with Phillip Young over what?
(a) There is no where for them to park.
(b) Their family is too early.
(c) Nick being banned from Tyersall Park.
(d) Philip and Eleanor do not have an invitation.

2. What gift does Charlie give Astrid?
(a) The deed to Tyersall Park.
(b) A private island.
(c) Her grandmother's engagement ring.
(d) A new Mercedes sedan.

3. Victoria is anxious for her mother to do what before she dies?
(a) Name her the heir.
(b) Buy her a house.
(c) Be baptized.
(d) Change her will.

4. What does Nick find out about Astrid and Michael's divorce?
(a) Michael is suing Astrid for $5 billion.
(b) Astrid changed her mind.
(c) Su Yi is opposed to their divorce.
(d) Astrid's mother hates Michael.

5. Eddie is concerned with appearances. What happens to upset him during the lawn party?
(a) He is uncomfortable in his linen suit.
(b) His wife is wearing the wrong dress.
(c) His children are getting ice cream on their clothes.
(d) Philip is wearing nicer clothes than he is.

6. What is Michael's relationship like with his son, Cassian?
(a) Michael is a model father.
(b) Michael wants to spend more time with his son.
(c) Michael only sees him once or twice a week.
(d) Michael never sees his son.

7. What does Charlie Wu do for a living?
(a) He is on the council of the World Economic Forum.
(b) He works for Eddie Cheng.
(c) He does not work because his family is so rich.
(d) He is the founder of the biggest tech company in Asia.

8. What is Victoria's reaction when she learns her sister Alexandra has arrived at Tyersall Park?
(a) She is looking forward to seeing her sister again.
(b) She asks Ah Ling to take care of their room arrangements.
(c) Victoria tells Alexandra her family cannot stay at the house.
(d) She is irritated because they are early and that Alix's son Eddie is there too.

9. For what does Charlie apologize to Astrid?
(a) His children were rude to Astrid.
(b) He did not go to the hospital to see her grandmother.
(c) He was late for dinner.
(d) Isabel's outburst at the Christian Fellowship breakfast.

10. What pattern emerges in Astrid's life in Part Two?
(a) She drinks too much.
(b) Her parents hate her.
(c) The gossip columnists keep writing stories about her.
(d) She spends too much money.

11. Why was Su Yi's father angry at her?
(a) She left her brother in India.
(b) Because she returned to Singapore.
(c) She refused to return to Singapore.
(d) She married Jirasit.

12. Why does Nick's mother want him to reconcile with his grandmother?
(a) They want Nick and Rachel to move to Singapore.
(b) His grandmother wants to meet Rachel.
(c) It will improve his chances of inheriting Tyersall Park.
(d) Because she is about to die.

13. Kitty is delighted to be invited to Yolanda Amanjiwo's dinner. Why is she upset when she leaves?
(a) Yolanda did not tell Kitty it was a costume party.
(b) Colette would not come to the party because Kitty was there.
(c) Kitty was not happy with her seating assignment.
(d) Colette and her husband came to the dinner and were treated like royalty.

14. Why does Victoria resent her brother Philip?
(a) He always orders her around.
(b) He has more money than she does.
(c) He lives in Australia.
(d) He is favored by his mother as the only boy in the family.

15. Why is Astrid hesitant to go away with Charlie?
(a) She is concerned about her grandmother's condition.
(b) She is afraid her husband will find out.
(c) She is afraid Isabel with spy on them.
(d) Her mother forbid her to go.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Catherine Young's husband described?

2. What does Su Yi's gift to Rachel symbolize?

3. Who does Astrid believe is spying on her?

4. What does Vikram tell Ah Ling?

5. How does Astrid greet Nick in Part Two?

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