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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Thomas go when he makes a quick trip to New York?
(a) The Plaza
(b) Ellis Island
(c) Central Park
(d) His old neighborhood

2. Why is Clothilde in America?
(a) To teach art
(b) Hiding from an abusive husband
(c) To study business
(d) Visiting some relatives

3. What bad news has Gretchen received?
(a) Her car was wrecked by a friend
(b) Her boyfriend broke up with her
(c) She has lost her job
(d) She can't go to New York

4. Where do Rudolph and Gretchen finally find Thomas?
(a) A boxing match
(b) A nightclub
(c) A department store
(d) The airport

5. Rudolph thinks Gretchen is obsessed with ___________.
(a) Alcohol
(b) Shoes
(c) Sex
(d) Billy

6. What is Gretchen afraid that Willie will take with him?
(a) The car
(b) Billy
(c) Her jewelry
(d) All their money

7. What do Thomas and a friend leave on Teddy Boylan's yard?
(a) Burning cross
(b) Old car
(c) Bags of garbage
(d) Happy Birthday banner

8. What does Mary want from Axel in order to return to his bed?
(a) A vacation house
(b) $30,000
(c) A diamond bracelet
(d) A new car

9. What happens soon after Thomas beats up Mr. Greening?
(a) Thomas loses his job
(b) Thomas' apartment is broken into
(c) Thomas is mugged
(d) Thomas' car tires are slashed

10. With whom does Rudolph have dinner after fishing one day?
(a) Axel
(b) Thomas
(c) Claude
(d) Teddy Boylan

11. With whom is Thomas now having an affair?
(a) Cheri
(b) Jeanne Marie
(c) Annette
(d) Clothilde

12. Where had Rudolph worked part time during his years at school?
(a) Office Depot
(b) The Revere Club
(c) Calderwood's Department Store
(d) Starbucks

13. What does Thomas give to Rudolph?
(a) $5,000
(b) Airline tickets
(c) Old photographs
(d) Key to safe deposit box

14. Which of the following is not a reason for Axel's depression?
(a) He and his wife fight all the time
(b) The bakery is being forced to close
(c) The Yankees are on a losing streak
(d) He has essentially lost two of his children

15. What does Gretchen call Rudolph?
(a) Bastard
(b) Emotional cripple
(c) Prince of a guy
(d) Saint

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Alex Jordache's home country?

2. Where did Rudolph get the money to attend college?

3. How does Thomas feel as he watches the two men fighting?

4. Where does Thomas have a job?

5. Who is Rudolph's French teacher?

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