Rich Man, Poor Man Character Descriptions

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Rudolph Jordache

He is the middle child of the Jordache family and the most beloved by the parents.

Thomas Jordache

This is the youngest of the Jordache children who is filled with a rage he cannot control.

Gretchen Jordache

This is the oldest of the Jordache children who wants out of her father's house, allowed to pursue her own dreams in her own way.

Mary Jordache

This is the matriarch of the Jordache family.

Axel Jordache

This is the patriarch of the Jordache family.

Teddy Boylan

This is a rich, bored man who lives in the same town as the Jordaches.

Willie Abbott

This is a soldier who has just returned from the war when Gretchen meets him in a talent agent's office.

Jean Jordache

This is a photographer who meets Rudolph when she is hired to photograph him at the opening of the Port Philip Calderwood strip...

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