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The Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros)

There is a seeming pandemic spreading through the town which turns people into these creatures.

The Rhinoceros Horn (Rhinoceros)

This is one of the first signs that one is turning into a bizarre creature, indicated by a bump on one's forehead.

Alcohol (Rhinoceros)

Berenger gives this up as a sign of the willpower needed to resist becoming a creature.

The Cafe (Rhinoceros)

This is where Berenger and Jean meet in the beginning of the first play.

The Grocery Store (Rhinoceros)

The owner and his wife hate the housewife for not shopping in this place but capitalize upon her misfortune to make money.

Berenger's Office (Rhinoceros)

This place is managed by the tyrannical Mr. Papillon.

Jean's Apartment (Rhinoceros)

After work is canceled--on account of the creature attack--Berenger goes to this place.

Berenger's Apartment (Rhinoceros)

Berenger escapes through the streets to this place when the creatures have...

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