Rhinoceros, and Other Plays Character Descriptions

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Berenger (Rhinoceros)

This character is in many ways an exceedingly average person and is the embodiment and endorsement of a kind of anti-intellectual elevation over everyday common sense. He is the hero of Rhinoceros.

Dudard (Rhinoceros)

This character is a lawyer and a rival of the hero's for the affection of the pretty typist. This character gradually becomes more sympathetic to the rhinoceroses.

Jean (Rhinoceros)

This is the hero's good friend. He is tidy, professional, and ambitious and tries to impress these traits upon the hero.

Logician (Rhinoceros)

This character is an old man who can speak convincingly but, in fact, knows very little.

Daisy (Rhinoceros)

This character is a pretty blonde typist who works at the same office as the hero of the same play.

Batard (Rhinoceros)

This character is characterized by his hatred of authority and suspicion of the media.

Mr. Papillon (Rhinoceros)

This character is...

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