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Rhinoceros: Act I, Scene I

• Two men, Jean and Berenger, meet at a cafe in an unnamed small provincial town.

• Jean is tidily dressed in a suit and tie. Berenger is disheveled and looks like he just woke up.

• Berenger still wears all the signs of a hangover and is a habitual drunk.
• Off-stage, it is realized that a rhinoceros is running around the town.

• Everyone nearby screams with surprise--the same words, "Oh, a rhinoceros!"

• Meanwhile, an old gentleman and a logician enter.
• While they wait for their drinks, Jean asks Berenger, who is still relatively unfazed, what he thinks about the rhinoceros.

• Berenger finally agrees that a rhinoceros roaming around the town is bad, but he still does not think it should be occasion for so much excitement, especially since it is gone now.

• An attractive, blonde typist named Daisy walks by the cafe. Berenger is horrified...

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