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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who found out about Philomena's affair in Toronto?
(a) Her sister.
(b) Her boss' wife.
(c) Gazelle Nataways.
(d) Her neighbor.

2. What does Nanabush appear disguised as in Act 2, Scene 6?
(a) A nighthawk.
(b) An eagle.
(c) A badger.
(d) An old woman.

3. Why does Zhaboonigan wander off while the women are repairing the vehicle?
(a) To get gas for the car.
(b) To pick wildflowers.
(c) To go to the bathroom.
(d) To go talk to Nanabush.

4. Where do the bingo cards come from for the women's practice game?
(a) The newspaper.
(b) They brought them with them.
(c) Their programs.
(d) The ticket booth.

5. What was Emily's friend in the motorcycle gang always angry about?
(a) How Emily ignored her.
(b) That she couldn't ride a motorcycle.
(c) That her boyfriend left her for Emily.
(d) How Indians were treated.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gives a eulogy for Marie-Adele?

2. What does Marie-Adele confess to Pelajia about her husband?

3. Who does household repairs to raise money for the trip?

4. What word does Nanabush whisper into Marie-Adele's ear?

5. When Zhaboonigan interrupts the women in the vehicle on the way to Toronto, what does she say?

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