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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What of Frank's does Pollock praise?
(a) His dedication.
(b) His talent.
(c) His sales brochure.
(d) His looks.

2. Why do the Wheelers have long discussions in exotic restaurants and on long drives through the woods and in New York?
(a) To enjoy their last few moments in this country.
(b) As they try to regain the upper hand on what has become a hot emotional issue and to behave like the chic, sophisticated adults they believe themselves to be.
(c) To adjust to being away from their friends.
(d) To make sure they want to leave this country.

3. Why does Frank chuckle as he storms out of the bistro?
(a) He finds the previous scenario to be hilarious.
(b) He is thoroughly embarrassed by what just took place.
(c) He thinks the woman he spoke with is insane.
(d) As he watches the manly, awkward way Norma hails a cab.

4. Frank goes to lengths to project what?
(a) A strong masculinity of the sort that first drew April to him.
(b) A sense of understanding.
(c) His feelings of compromise.
(d) The love he feels for April.

5. What does April do when Frank approaches and touches her?
(a) She screams
(b) She cries.
(c) She laughs.
(d) She freezes.

6. After the Givings leave, what does Frank Wheeler do?
(a) He takes a nap.
(b) He pours himself a stiff drink.
(c) He complains to his wife.
(d) He talks to his children.

7. What do April and Frank have for the first time in weeks?
(a) Contrasting opinions.
(b) A fight.
(c) Anxiety.
(d) A disagreement.

8. How does Frank feel when he awakens the next morning?
(a) Glad that April did not perform the abortion.
(b) Confused about his life.
(c) Sad that he and April will not be having another child.
(d) A sense of dread rather than relief as he realizes that he really doesn't really want another child either.

9. April laughs at Frank and asks what?
(a) Whether Frank is as crazy as John.
(b) Whether he thinks she is crazy because she doesn't love him.
(c) Whether Frank still loves her.
(d) Whether John should still be in an institution.

10. What does Milly Campbell hear?
(a) A bang.
(b) A crash.
(c) A scream.
(d) A siren.

11. Why do the Campbells and the Wheelers head out for an evening of dancing and drinking at Vito's Log Cabin?
(a) Frank wants to go dancing.
(b) They have not gone out in a long time.
(c) They are bored with each other's company.
(d) Shep wants to spend some time with April.

12. How does Milly feel about the Wheelers not moving?
(a) Confused about the change in plans.
(b) Worried that they are making a poor decision.
(c) Disappointed.
(d) Glad but concerned that it is a disappointment for them.

13. What does Millie recall about her feelings at the closing of the sale of the house of Revolutionary Road?
(a) How sad she was.
(b) How upset she was.
(c) How nervous she was.
(d) How excited she was.

14. What does Frank ask April regarding John's comments?
(a) Where he got such strange ideas about them.
(b) If John is truly insane.
(c) If John should ever make such comments again, what Frank will do.
(d) If she can see why John's rantings about them and their marriage are so wrong.

15. What does John Givings do as he enters the house?
(a) He sits in the corner.
(b) He strolls about the house, inspecting everything and offering words of approval.
(c) He introduces himself.
(d) He talks to himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frank Wheeler tell his wife concerns him?

2. What does the note say that April writes to Frank?

3. About whom is April's flashback?

4. Where has April Wheeler been admitted?

5. How does John speak to Frank?

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