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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Frank envision April doing as he gives a great burst of love and approval?
(a) Pushing him away.
(b) Getting upset with him.
(c) Ignoring him.
(d) Laughing off the disastrous production in a round of kisses and compliments.

2. What does Frank decide to do, regarding Maureen?
(a) Ignore her.
(b) Ask her out to dinner.
(c) Make a pass at her.
(d) Take off her sweater.

3. What does Frank finally notice when he tries to apologize to his wife?
(a) She is crying.
(b) She has left the house.
(c) She is asleep.
(d) She has taken a blanket and gone to sleep on the couch downstairs.

4. How does Frank begin a subtle campaign to rid April of the notion he had put in her head?
(a) By telling her he has forgotten most of his French.
(b) By telling her he never was fluent in French.
(c) By telling her his Spanish is better than his French.
(d) By telling her that he can read signs and generally get around Paris

5. How does April counter what Frank says about her idea?
(a) It is a great idea and he will be sorry to not trust her.
(b) What is unrealistic is the notion that they should live in the suburbs and somehow be happy surrounded by shallow people with whom they have nothing in common.
(c) It is not as wonderful as her love for him.
(d) It wil be an even better idea as they work on their plans together.

6. What does Ordway ask Wheeler about moving to Europe?
(a) Will he save money by moving there.
(b) Is life better in Europe.
(c) Will he have a better job in Europe.
(d) Why he needs to move there to "discover" himself.

7. How does sixty-seven-year-old Howard Givings look and act?
(a) Younger than his years.
(b) Older than his years.
(c) Very odd.
(d) His age.

8. What does Frank fantasize about Maureen Grube?
(a) Making love to her.
(b) Removing her sweater and baring her breasts.
(c) Asking her out on a date.
(d) Talking to her.

9. How does Frank tell stories about himself?
(a) In a seductive voice.
(b) In a calculated way.
(c) In a clipped voice.
(d) In an honest way.

10. Why does Frank suddenly stop making love to April?
(a) He does not love her.
(b) He feels guilty.
(c) He goes to shower to scrub off the "second skin" of Maureen Grube.
(d) He misses Maureen.

11. What does Frank have Maureen Grube do?
(a) Retrieve copious files related to a brochure he wrote.
(b) Order them lunch.
(c) Go to lunch with their co-workers.
(d) Take off her sweater.

12. Of what does Frank Wheeler catch a glimpse as April acts out her part onstage?
(a) A stranger.
(b) The girl he fell in love with.
(c) A great actress.
(d) The shy girl he had once known.

13. What does no one want to do?
(a) See the performance end.
(b) Hear April sing.
(c) Go back into the auditorium for the second half of the play.
(d) Leave the theater.

14. What do Frank and Maureen do after lunch?
(a) They go to Central Park.
(b) They have sex.
(c) They stroll briefly.
(d) They head back to work.

15. How did Frank respond when April did not consult him with her plans?
(a) He became angry.
(b) He was hurt.
(c) He was embarrassed.
(d) He was relieved.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of husband does April not want?

2. How do the Wheelers drive home?

3. Where does April believe it would be easy for her to find a job in Paris?

4. How does April respond to Frank?

5. After telling his friend of his plans, on what does Ordway quiz Frank?

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