Revolutionary Road Character Descriptions

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April Wheeler

This character is a tall, blonde, aloof twenty-nine-year-old wife. Blessed and cursed with an artistic nature, she puts her years of study at a drama school in New York City to use in a community theater production that is a flop.

Frank Wheeler

This character is just as unrooted in his own life as his wife is in hers. He works at a job in New York City that he hates, commuting on the train from their Connecticut home.

Shep Campbell

This character is a red-haired engineer who, with his wife, is a neighbor of the Wheelers and who also plays in the community theater production with April. He becomes hotly infatuated with her, especially after dancing with her one night when the two couples go out for an evening together.

Helen Givings

This character is the socially aggressive, somewhat nosy realtor who sells the Wheelers...

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