Objects & Places from Revolution

Jennifer Donnelly
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Alex's Diary

This item is found hidden in an old guitar case.

Miniature of Louis-Charles

This is found along with Alex's diary and reminds Andi of her brother.

Revolution Era Guitar

Andi finds this among G's collection of French Revolution collectibles.

Gold Pieces

Alex tries to use these items found in the guitar case to help Louis-Charles.


Virgil has an excuse to contact Andi after finding this item in his car.


This is a machine used for executions during the French Revolution.


This is a medication taken by Andi.

Auvergne Coat of Arms

This item depicts a bleeding rose that drips onto a lily and shows an alliance to the king.

Malherbeau Artifacts

These items include a musical score and a death certificate.

Fireworks Concerto

This is a well-known musical composition.


This is the place where Alex died and where workmen found a guitar...

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