Revolution Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Jennifer Donnelly
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Essay Topic 1

Who is Andi and why is she suffering from depression as the book opens? What do we know about Andi's life? Why is she taking antidepressants? What is life like between her mother and father? What happened to create this situation?

Essay Topic 2

Andi and her friend Nick have a complicated relationship. So far the reader is unsure about why their relationship is so strained, but it is known that it has to do with Andi's brother.

1) How does Nick convince Andi to come to the party he is having?

2) Why does Andi decide to go?

3) What happens on the roof of Nick's house?

4) Why is Nick's girlfriend upset by what she sees on the roof? How has she misunderstood the situation?

Essay Topic 3

Andi and her father have a difficult relationship. After Truman died, her mother and father both handled the death in different ways...

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