Revolution Character Descriptions

Jennifer Donnelly
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Andi Alpers

This character is struggling with deep depression and lives an affluent life in New York.

Alexandrine 'Alex' Paradis

This character becomes a spy who feels guilt over his/her role in the destruction of the royal family.


This character is imprisoned in the Temple by Robespierre.

Truman Alpers

This character was hit by a van while being held hostage by a mentally disturbed man.

Lewis Alpers

This character is a scientist who has come to put Andi's mother in a psychiatric hospital.

Marianne Alpers

This character is an artist with a very fragile mind.

Gulliaume 'G' Lenotre

This character is an historian who helps Andie with her senior thesis.

Amade Malherbeau

This character is a guitarist who has heavily influenced famous composers and musicians.

Virgil Boukadida

This character is an aspiring rapper of Tunisian descent living in France.

Nick Goode

This character tries to make...

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