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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About how many children does Dr. Pipher indicate come from, or spend a part of, their childhood in a single parent home?
(a) Seven Eighths
(b) One fourth
(c) Three fourths
(d) Half

2. Which of the following best describes how Dr. Pipher feels about Western civilization and mothers?
(a) They may have believe that others need to be held more responsible for their children
(b) They may have unrealistic expectations placed on mothers
(c) Realistic and appropriate expectations are placed on mothers
(d) Fathers put too much pressure for child rearing on the mother

3. Who do many of the adolescent girls turn to for support?
(a) Younger girls
(b) Siblings
(c) Parents
(d) Peers

4. Which of the following is the best definition for the term androgynous?
(a) Pre-pubescent
(b) Post-pubescent
(c) Stereotypically developing
(d) Neither masculine nor feminine

5. What percentage of families fits the traditional dynamic according to Pipher?
(a) 21%
(b) 5%
(c) 14%
(d) 32%

6. How does Dr. Pipher describe her cousin Polly as a young girl?
(a) She is a Tomboy
(b) She is withdrawn
(c) She is ladylike
(d) She is very into makeup

7. What is the first dimension according to Pipher?
(a) Cultural norms
(b) Affection
(c) Control
(d) Parenting techniques

8. What contradiction does Pipher describe in relation to what parents share with their children?
(a) Parents' values contradict ideals
(b) Parents' values contradict media's messages
(c) Parents' ideals contradict society norms
(d) Parents' values contradict cultural stereotypes

9. Which comparison best describes the concept of young girls suppressing their true selves and trying to constantly please others?
(a) Oil and water
(b) Fish hiding from predators
(c) Flood waters continuing to rise
(d) Saplings in a hurricane

10. What is the overshadowing problem concerning Franchesca?
(a) Lack of parental affect
(b) Adoption
(c) Sexual promiscuity
(d) Drugs and alcohol

11. What does Miller believe elevates a child's "false" self?
(a) Withdrawal from himself
(b) A sense of dissatisfaction
(c) Denying his true self
(d) Denouncing others' values

12. What does Myra do to her parents?
(a) She physically attacks them
(b) She ran away from home
(c) She rebels against them
(d) She drinks and does drugs with them

13. Daughters are expected to love their mothers, but not to do which of the following?
(a) Allow them to coddle them too much
(b) Distance themselves from their mother
(c) Be like them too much
(d) Love their fathers

14. What choice does Alice Miller indicate young children have to make?
(a) Be honest or loved
(b) Be honest or dishonest
(c) Be authentic or deceitful
(d) Be authentic or hateful

15. Divorce can be devastating and it can be an opportunity for what?
(a) Retribution
(b) Financial success
(c) Surprise
(d) Growth

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Pipher believe is the underlying reason for Holly's attachment to Lyle?

2. How does Dr. Pipher define imaginary audience syndrome?

3. In what way do teens manipulate their parents?

4. Which type of parents have teens who are impulsive, irresponsible and dependent?

5. According to Dr. Pipher, adolescence requires daughters to distance themselves from who?

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