Reviving Ophelia Character Descriptions

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Dr. Pipher

A clinical psychologist and best-selling author with over twenty years of counseling experience.

Alice Miller

This person believes that girls are pressured to deny parts of themselves in order to please their parents.

Margaret Mead

This person believes that the ideal culture is one in which a place can be found for every human gift.


This person is described as "energy in motion".

Simone de Beauvoir

This person believes that girls realize in adolescence that men have all of the power in society.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

This person is called a bitch just because she is a competent, healthy adult female.

Dr. Pipher's Patients

These characters are recovering from the trauma of sexual violence or suffering from eating disorders.

Barbara Kerr

This person is the author of a book entitled, Smart Girls, Gifted Women, in which the lives of several famous female figures are examined...

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