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Chapter 1, Saplings in the Storm

• Dr. Pipher opens by relating the story of Polly who was happy as a young child to be a tomboy, but becomes confused and withdrawn as she reaches adolescence

• She believes that girls in childhood are androgynous, which is a good quality and leads to well adjusted adults.

• However, adolescent girls goes through many personality changes which are not positive.

• Dr. Pipher believes that fairy tales play into this change as they show girls that they need a man to save them and must become passive and more docile with their personalities.

• She also relates that adolescent girls have significant mood swings and are very secretive. This makes developing theories as to how to treat them difficult.

• She calls adolescent girls female impersonators.

Chapter 2, Theoretical Issues - For Your Own Good

• She opens this section discussing Cayenne who was ambitious and bright until...

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