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Scene 1

* Bernie welcomes Carol into his apartment. * Bernie admits he was once a drinker. * Carol suggests they both go to church again together.

Scene 2

* Carol comments that Bernie's apartment is nice. * Carol says that she and Gerry are thinking of buying a house together.

Scene 3

* Carol looks at a picture of Bernie back in the war. * Bernie tries to get Carol to talk about Gerry, but Carol tries to get Bernie to talk about himself. * Carol says that she's coming by to get to know him. * Bernie reveals he couldn't see Carol because of a court order, but does not go into details. * Bernie asks about Carol's mother.

Scene 4

* Bernie talks about his new family. * Bernie tells Carol she smokes too much and she agrees. * Bernie mentions he's thinking about getting married. * Carol says she thinks it would be good for him to marry again.

Scene 5

* Bernie says...

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