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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what does Diggory do when he talks to Mrs. Yeobright?
(a) The benefits of forgiving Clym and accepting his marriage to Eustacia.
(b) Forgiving Clym for the mistake he has made in marrying Eustacia.
(c) Clym's disintigrating marriage to Eustacia.
(d) Eustacia's infidelity.

2. Why does Clym blame Eustacia completely for his mother's death?
(a) He was asleep at the time his mother arrived.
(b) He is angry.
(c) It was her fault.
(d) He hates Eustacia.

3. Why is Thomasin now attracted to Diggory?
(a) Her true love is dead.
(b) He is no longer stained red.
(c) He has grown nicer over the years.
(d) She realizes she always loved him.

4. What does Diggory deduce?
(a) Eustacia is unhappy.
(b) The man he sees with Eustacia is Wildeve.
(c) Eustacia is still in love with Clym.
(d) Thomasin misses her husband.

5. What is significant about the bonfire night?
(a) Bonfire nights are scary.
(b) It is one year since the narrative started.
(c) Eustacia becomes a witch on bonfire nights.
(d) Bonfire nights are part of the heath tradition.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Clym admit to Thomasin?

2. What does Thomasin name her baby girl?

3. What is the date of the bonfire?

4. Why is Clym singing?

5. Meanwhile, what is Susan Nunsuch doing?

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