The Return of the Native Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Egdon Heath.

It is a gloomy, wind-battered area without many trees. It is "perfectly accordant with man's nature," and it is neither extremely ugly nor common but entirely singular.

2. What is Venn doing at the beginning of Chapter Two?

He is leading a van and is carrying a young lady that he picked up in Anglebury but does not reveal her identity.

3. What are the locals building?

They are building large bonfires in every village so that the night becomes illuminated with the light from the fires.

4. Who is Clym Yeobright?

Mrs. Yeobright's son and Thomasin's cousin who lives in Paris but will be coming home for a visit around Christmas.

5. How does Thomasin end up in Diggory Venn's wagon?

Her marriage did not take place, and she becomes agitated and runs away. She sees Diggory and asks for a ride home.

6. How does Johnny Nonsuch help Eustacia?

He tends to the fire and tells her when he hears a frog drop into the pond.

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