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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do people do on this day, according to local folklore?
(a) Create a Maypole.
(b) Build large bonfires.
(c) Perform plays.
(d) Sacrifice animals to the gods.

2. What does Mrs. Yeobright tell Wildeve?
(a) To marry Thomasin quickly.
(b) He has competition for Thomasin's hand.
(c) Diggory will marry Thomasin.
(d) He will not be marrying Thomasin.

3. What is a group of people doing?
(a) Mourning the death of the Captain.
(b) Singing folk tunes and dancing.
(c) Reading traditional books.
(d) Sleeping on small cots.

4. What is a reddleman?
(a) A man who sells red dye to farmers.
(b) A man who makes revolvers.
(c) A boat maker.
(d) A saddle maker.

5. How does Thomasin act kindly toward Venn?
(a) She visits frequently and brings fresh biscuits and jam.
(b) She turns down his marriage proposal in a kind letter, trying not to hurt his feelings.
(c) She accepts his marriage proposal, although she does not love him.
(d) She tutors him while they in school and stands up for him when he is teased.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eustacia admit about her love for Wildeve?

2. What happens when Eustacia's parents die when she is a little girl?

3. What is the boy with Eustacia doing?

4. About what is Mrs. Yeobright concerned?

5. Where does "The Return of the Native" take place?

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