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Short Answer Questions

1. What village is Merivel's mansion in?

2. What does Celia do when Merivel kisses her?

3. What does Celia say that she did, when she found out Merivel was the one chosen to be her husband?

4. Which Cambridge college did Merivel attend?

5. What is Merivel supposed to look at on Wise Nell's neck?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what Pearce tells Merivel about the present Finn brings.

2. Why has Celia come to the mansion?

3. What does the King's court like about Merivel?

4. What does Merivel fantasize about while he's having sex with Violet?

5. What does Merivel tell the King after drinking the tampered wine?

6. What does the King order Merivel to do for him at the end of the first chapter?

7. Explain what the King hopes to gain by having Merivel marry Celia.

8. What does Merivel find when he returns home?

9. How does Merivel set about the job given to him by the Justice of the Peace?

10. What is Merivel's reaction to the letter about Rosie?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the role of medicine in the novel.

1) Why does the author choose the medical field as Merivel's profession? What does his desire to be a doctor say about his personality? What is the role of a doctor in a society?

2) How effective is Merivel as a doctor? What qualities does Merivel have that make him a good or bad doctor? How much control does Merivel have over how effective a doctor he is?

Essay Topic 2

The characters in the novel do not always have an accurate perception of themselves or of others around them. Discuss the characters' perceptions of themselves and others.

1) How does Merivel perceive himself? Is his self-perception accurate? How does Merivel perceive the King over the course of the story? How does he perceive Celia? How does he perceive Pearce? What causes Merivel's perception of himself or others to change?

2) What is Katherine's perception of Merivel? Why does she have this perception? How does Merivel react to it?

3) How does Pearce perceive Merivel? How does the King's perception of Merivel differ from Pearce's?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the values of the characters in the novel, and how the characters assign value to both material and immaterial things.

1) Discuss the valuation of the "nightingale." What gives it value to Merivel, Pearce, and Celia. Why?

2) How do the characters value immaterial things, such as love, friendship, family, tradition, and religion? What role do immaterial things play in the characters' lives?

3) How do the characters value other people? What is this valuation based on?

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