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Short Answer Questions

1. What can't Merivel seem to capture in his paintings of Meg?

2. What is Merivel's father's profession?

3. What does Celia do for the bird when it's sick?

4. Who interrupts Merivel's wedding night?

5. What does Pearce tell Merivel about Finn's present?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Merivel do after he leaves Celia on their wedding night?

2. Describe what Finn tells Merivel about the present Finn brings.

3. How does Merivel get into Celia's room?

4. What does Merivel tell the King after drinking the tampered wine?

5. How does Merivel's message to Celia differ from what the King told him to say?

6. Describe what Pearce tells Merivel about the present Finn brings.

7. How does Merivel set about the job given to him by the Justice of the Peace?

8. What is Merivel's response to the King summoning him with a letter?

9. Why doesn't Merivel try to treat his dog himself?

10. What is Merivel's job at the palace?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Merivel experiences different types of lives in the novel. He lives in the King's Court. He lives in a manor as a Lord. He also lives in a mental hospital, and in Cheapside, an impoverished area of London. In these different ways of life, Merivel finds differnt kinds of fulfillment and happiness. Discuss fulfillment and happiness in the novel.

1) Where is Merivel most fulfilled and happiness? Why?

2) Compare Merivel's happiness in the presence of the King to his happiness in the presence of Pearce. What different types of fulfillment do Merivel's most valued friends provide him?

3) How does Merivel's perception of what will make him happy change over the course of the novel?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss loyalty in the novel.

1) Who is Merivel loyal to in the novel? Does Merivel remain loyal to the King? Why does Merivel lie to Celia about the King's message?

2) Are the characters loyal to themselves? In what ways? What happens when a character is disloyal, to himself or to another?

3) What is the relationship between loyalty and love? Can loyalty in the novel exist without love?

Essay Topic 3

Knowledge is an important element of the novel. Discuss this element in the novel.

1) Merivel lacks modern knowledge about medicine. How does this affect his actions and his perceptions? How does it affect his ability to help people or control the world around him?

2) The value of the "nightingale" depends on knowledge about the bird. How does lack of knowledge affect the characters' reactions to the bird and their perceptions of value?

3) How does knowledge of other human beings affect their interactions and perceptions of each other in the novel? What knowledge does Merivel lack about the King? What knowledge does Katherine lack about Merivel?

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