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Short Answer Questions

1. What animal does the King ask Merivel to cure?

2. What does Merivel ask for in his letter to the King?

3. Who does Merivel say will judge Celia's progress?

4. In what does Celia arrive at the mansion?

5. What does Merivel study in college?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the metaphor in the story that Pearce tells Merivel.

2. Describe what Pearce tells Merivel about the present Finn brings.

3. What is the distinction between the Idle and the Impotent?

4. What does Celia look like?

5. How does Celia act during her meetings with Merivel before the wedding?

6. Why doesn't Merivel try to treat his dog himself?

7. How does Merivel set about the job given to him by the Justice of the Peace?

8. What does Merivel tell the King after drinking the tampered wine?

9. How does Merivel imagine the representation of his astrological sign?

10. What is Merivel's reaction to the letter about Rosie?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Characters in the novel suffer in different ways and for different reasons. Discuss suffering in the novel.

1) One goal of medicine is to alleviate suffering. How does Merivel try to mitigate suffering as a doctor? How successful is he?

2) How do the poor suffer in the novel? Could their suffering be alleviated? Can one person, such as Merivel, help the poor, or would they need to be helped by changing the society?

3) How do the insane suffer in the novel? What causes their suffering? How can their suffering be alleviated?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the different settings in the novel.

1) How does the King's palace differ from how the majority of people in the kingdom live? What significance is there to the Psychic Garden or to other areas of the King's palace?

2) What does Merivel's decoration of his manor indicate about his own personality? Why does the manor give Merivel a position as Lord and as Overseer of the Poor? What other significance does the manor have?

3) What does the setting of the mental hospital add to the novel? What significance do the hospital's gates have?

Essay Topic 3

Both Merivel and other characters have meaningful dreams in the novel. Discuss the meaning of dreams throughout the novel.

1) Merivel dreams of the King. Is the King of Merivel's dreams the King he knows in life, or does the King represent something different in Merivel's dreams?

2) What does Merivel learn from his dreams? What could Merivel learn that he is not recognizing?

3) What meanings do other characters dreams have? Why does the Quaker hospital worker dream of God, and what do his dreams mean to him?

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