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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Celia do for the bird when it's sick?

2. In what year does the novel begin?

3. Which Cambridge college did Merivel attend?

4. What age does Merivel turn at the beginning of Chapter 11?

5. Who is with Merivel when Celia arrives?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Merivel react to Katherine's death?

2. What punishment did Finn get for arguing with the King?

3. What does Merivel think about when he visits Kaw?

4. Why does Reverend Sackpole want Merivel to examine Nell?

5. How does Celia act during her meetings with Merivel before the wedding?

6. Explain what the King hopes to gain by having Merivel marry Celia.

7. What is Merivel's response to the King summoning him with a letter?

8. How does Will feel about his master leaving?

9. What is Merivel able to do at the funeral that he could not do while Pearce was alive?

10. Who makes up the staff of Whittlesea Hospital?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the values of the characters in the novel, and how the characters assign value to both material and immaterial things.

1) Discuss the valuation of the "nightingale." What gives it value to Merivel, Pearce, and Celia. Why?

2) How do the characters value immaterial things, such as love, friendship, family, tradition, and religion? What role do immaterial things play in the characters' lives?

3) How do the characters value other people? What is this valuation based on?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss loyalty in the novel.

1) Who is Merivel loyal to in the novel? Does Merivel remain loyal to the King? Why does Merivel lie to Celia about the King's message?

2) Are the characters loyal to themselves? In what ways? What happens when a character is disloyal, to himself or to another?

3) What is the relationship between loyalty and love? Can loyalty in the novel exist without love?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss fate in the novel.

1) Is Merivel in control of his own destiny? How is Merivel governed by fate in the novel?

2) What determines the fates of the rich and the poor in the novel? Why do characters seem to lack control over their own destinies?

3) Discuss Merivel's rescue of the woman from the burning building. Is Merivel a hero for having saved the woman? How is this incident governed by fate? How does Merivel benefit from it?

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