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Short Answer Questions

1. What instrument does Merivel play to get the bird to sing?

2. What does Celia say that she did, when she found out Merivel was the one chosen to be her husband?

3. Who does Celia love?

4. Who does Merivel go to for comfort after talking with Celia?

5. What does Merivel report that the thing on Nell's neck is?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Celia look like?

2. What does Merivel think of his first attempts at painting?

3. Why does Degeulasse de Gourly come to visit Merivel?

4. What is Merivel's job at the palace?

5. What does Merivel find when he returns home?

6. What does Merivel tell Finn when Finn asks for the favor?

7. What is Merivel's reaction to the letter about Rosie?

8. How does Merivel get into Celia's room?

9. Why does Reverend Sackpole want Merivel to examine Nell?

10. What is wrong with Lady Bathurst's husband?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the different settings in the novel.

1) How does the King's palace differ from how the majority of people in the kingdom live? What significance is there to the Psychic Garden or to other areas of the King's palace?

2) What does Merivel's decoration of his manor indicate about his own personality? Why does the manor give Merivel a position as Lord and as Overseer of the Poor? What other significance does the manor have?

3) What does the setting of the mental hospital add to the novel? What significance do the hospital's gates have?

Essay Topic 2

The characters in the novel do not always have an accurate perception of themselves or of others around them. Discuss the characters' perceptions of themselves and others.

1) How does Merivel perceive himself? Is his self-perception accurate? How does Merivel perceive the King over the course of the story? How does he perceive Celia? How does he perceive Pearce? What causes Merivel's perception of himself or others to change?

2) What is Katherine's perception of Merivel? Why does she have this perception? How does Merivel react to it?

3) How does Pearce perceive Merivel? How does the King's perception of Merivel differ from Pearce's?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss poverty and social class in the novel.

1) What different social strata exist in the novel? What determines what social class the people in the novel live in?

2) What allows characters in the novel to change social status, for better or worse? Why?

3) How does Merivel treat people of different social classes?

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