Reservation Blues Character Descriptions

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Thomas Builds-the-Fire - The first quality one notices about this character is his tendency for being kind and compassionate towards others.

Victor Joseph - This character can be thought of as a tragic character, whose youth is full of hardship.

Junior Polotkin - On the surface, this character can be thought of as Victor's sidekick.

Chess Warm Water (a.k.a Eunice) - This character forms an intimate relationship with Thomas.

Checkers Warm Water (a.k.a Gladys) - This character has a preference for older men.

Big Mom - This character is large in both physical stature and in her influence over the Spokane Tribe.

Robert Johnson - This legendary blues musician is regarded as one of the greatest of all time.

Father Arnold - This character played in a rock and roll band before deciding on a spiritual path.

Lester FallsApart - This character is...

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