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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Sara feel triumphant over the refrigerator?
(a) Sara is enjoying food once again.
(b) Sara has lost all her weight.
(c) Sara is replacing the refrigerator.
(d) Sara emptied the refrigerator.

2. How does Sara behave once she starts her new pill and diet regimen?
(a) Sara cleans nonstop.
(b) Sara sleeps all day.
(c) Sara is depressed.
(d) Sara gets a job.

3. What supplies does Harry buy for their drug business?
(a) Glassine bags and milk sugar.
(b) Razor blades and a safe.
(c) Baby formula and bottles.
(d) String and scales.

4. What do Tyrone, Harry and Marion do at Marion's apartment?
(a) Prank phone call people.
(b) Take inventory.
(c) Sleep on the fire escape.
(d) Smoke marijuana.

5. What do Harry and Tyrone do to free up their time as their drug business starts to succeed?
(a) Give Marion more work.
(b) Stop working other jobs.
(c) Decrease the amount they buy from Brody.
(d) Allow some of their friends to sell drugs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What enables Sara to have a happy morning?

2. Why does Sara go outside during her first day of dieting?

3. How does Marion feel after Harry and Tyrone go to work?

4. What does Marion end up doing every night instead of her dream?

5. Why do Tyrone and Harry decide to sell the drugs they get from Brody?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are Harry and Sara's sleeping patterns similar?

2. Why are Tyrone and Harry able to function at work?

3. What does Sara not realize about her conversations with the refrigerator?

4. Why is Harry's daydream at Tyrone's apartment important to the theme of the novel?

5. In Part 3, how is reality infringing on Harry and Marion as they first struggle in their relationship?

6. What is ironic about Harry's remark that "juice heads are too much, aren't they? They really have no class, no class at all"?

7. What is the progress of Sara's diet as she tries to diet alone?

8. How are Sara and Harry's drug problems similar?

9. What drugs is Sara abusing and how does her abuse affect her?

10. What does Marion's increased involvement with Harry and Tyrone as their drug business begins foreshadow?

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