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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Harry do while he waits for Tyrone to buy drugs?
(a) Listens to the radio and smokes.
(b) Writes Marion a poem.
(c) Calls Sara.
(d) Takes a nap.

2. Where do Tyrone and Harry sell drugs?
(a) Harry sells on Main Street, Tyrone on Elm Avenue.
(b) At rich neighborhoods.
(c) In separate neighborhoods.
(d) New Jersey.

3. What do Harry and Tyrone first do with the drugs from Brody?
(a) Try some of the drugs.
(b) Cut the drugs.
(c) Put the drugs in a safe.
(d) Sell the drugs.

4. Where do Harry and Tyrone cut their drugs?
(a) Tyrone's mothers's house.
(b) With Brody.
(c) Marion's apartment.
(d) Sara's apartment.

5. What hope does Marion have every night?
(a) That Tyrone would fall in love with her.
(b) That she would call her parents.
(c) That Harry would return to her.
(d) That she could sketch.

6. How does Sara's diet change when she begins her pill regimen?
(a) Sara returns to eating whatever she wants.
(b) Sara only eats cabbage.
(c) Sara drinks coffee and eats less.
(d) Sara begins eating healthy foods.

7. What do Tyrone, Harry and Marion do at Marion's apartment?
(a) Take inventory.
(b) Sleep on the fire escape.
(c) Smoke marijuana.
(d) Prank phone call people.

8. How does Marion handle Harry's reaction to her dinner date with Arnold?
(a) Marion promises Harry money.
(b) Marion yells at Harry.
(c) Marion jokes with Harry.
(d) Marion sleeps with Harry.

9. How does Sara attempt to pass the time while on her diet?
(a) Sara calls Harry.
(b) Sara goes to the movies.
(c) Sara hangs out with her friends.
(d) Sara tries on all her clothes.

10. How does Harry get himself to sleep after work?
(a) Harry drinks alcohol.
(b) Harry takes sleeping pills.
(c) Marion gives Harry warm milk.
(d) Marion reads to Harry.

11. As Harry describes his mother to Marion, what does Marion think of Sara from Harry's description?
(a) That Sara is lazy.
(b) That Sara is mentally ill.
(c) That Sara is unpretentious.
(d) That Sara is like her mom.

12. How does Harry behave when Tyrone calls?
(a) Harry laughs at Tyrone's voice.
(b) Harry taunts Tyrone about drug money.
(c) Harry is furious at Tyrone.
(d) Harry talks nonstop.

13. Where do Tyrone and Harry consider finding work, as in a real job?
(a) Selling space for a storage place.
(b) Waiting tables at a diner.
(c) Telemarketing for a cable company.
(d) Loading trucks with newspapers.

14. How does the librarian react to Sara?
(a) Helpful but condescending.
(b) Kind and gracious.
(c) Irritated and grouchy.
(d) Polite but amused.

15. What news does Lyle Russel give Sara?
(a) Sara is going on a cruise.
(b) Russel invites her to be featured on a television program.
(c) Sara has won a television.
(d) Russel enters her in a drawing for money.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Harry lock Sara in her closet?

2. What takes Sara's mind off food?

3. What do Harry and Tyrone do to free up their time as their drug business starts to succeed?

4. How much more money do Harry and Tyrone need to purchase the amount of heroin they want?

5. What does Marion specifically remember from Europe?

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