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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Harry and Tyrone's drug business first go?
(a) Their drugs are in high demand.
(b) Their regulars keep them going.
(c) They only have a few customers.
(d) They never begin the business.

2. Why does Sara return to the closet after Harry releases her?
(a) Sara is scared Harry will beat her.
(b) Sara chained the television to the radiator.
(c) Sara doesn't understand what is happening.
(d) Sara is mentally unstable.

3. What groceries does Marion buy at the store?
(a) Chips, sandwiches, potato salad and cheesecake.
(b) Chocolate cake, raspbery sauce and soda.
(c) French bread with salami, cheese, olives and Chianti wine.
(d) Dry, red wine, frozen pizza and strawberries.

4. How does the librarian react to Sara?
(a) Irritated and grouchy.
(b) Kind and gracious.
(c) Polite but amused.
(d) Helpful but condescending.

5. What does Sara check a few times in hopes of information?
(a) The news.
(b) The mail.
(c) Her answering machine.
(d) Her email.

6. What does Sara do at the end of her first day on a diet?
(a) Sara fills up on water and talks to the refrigerator.
(b) Sara takes pills to go to sleep.
(c) Sara orders a large pizza.
(d) Sara forces herself to vomit.

7. When do Harry and Tyrone start their day?
(a) After sunset.
(b) Whenever they wake up.
(c) Noon.
(d) Early in the morning.

8. What does Sara think of the job Ada did on her hair?
(a) Sara loves it.
(b) Sara dislikes it.
(c) Sara likes the back.
(d) Sara wants it cut shorter.

9. After Sara's first pill and diet regimen, what happens to her stomach?
(a) Sara vomits blood.
(b) Sara has a strong sensation in her stomach.
(c) Sara's stomach stops hurting.
(d) Sara's stomach shrinks.

10. Where do Harry and Tyrone cut their drugs?
(a) Marion's apartment.
(b) Sara's apartment.
(c) Tyrone's mothers's house.
(d) With Brody.

11. Why does Sara feel important as her first day of dieting continues?
(a) Sara knows she has money know.
(b) Sara received her mail in front of her friends.
(c) Sara's friends acknowledge her weight loss.
(d) Sara continues having her hair professionally done.

12. What do Harry and Tyrone first do with the drugs from Brody?
(a) Put the drugs in a safe.
(b) Cut the drugs.
(c) Sell the drugs.
(d) Try some of the drugs.

13. Why does Marion feel she must have dinner with Arnold?
(a) So they can catch up.
(b) So her parents continue to send her money.
(c) So he can pay her money.
(d) So she can get better.

14. Why does Sara feel triumphant over the refrigerator?
(a) Sara emptied the refrigerator.
(b) Sara is replacing the refrigerator.
(c) Sara has lost all her weight.
(d) Sara is enjoying food once again.

15. When the television people ask Sara her name, what does she plan to tell them?
(a) Sara Jane.
(b) Little Red Riding Hood.
(c) Princess.
(d) Killer.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Sara's first day of her pill and diet regimen, what does she plan to do about it the next day?

2. What hope does Marion have every night?

3. What do Tyrone and Harry buy their coworkers?

4. How does Marion handle Harry's reaction to her dinner date with Arnold?

5. How does Harry behave when Tyrone calls?

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