Objects & Places from Requiem for a Dream: A Novel

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Marion's Apartment

This place is small and quaint and where the drug headquarters originates.

Tyrone's Apartment

This place is barely furnished, has no phone, and contains only a radio for entertainment.

Sara's Apartment

This place hasn't changed for years and has shabby furnishings.

Sara's Pills

These objects were once used correctly but later abused.

Sara's Television

This object provides company for a lonely character.

New York

This location is where most of the novel takes place.

The South

This location is where two characters get arrested.

The City Morgue

This location is where a few heroin users used to meet to get high and enjoy each others' company.

Arnold's Apartment

This place is where two characters meet to carry on their affair.

Big Tim's Apartment

This place is large, luxurious, and overlooks Central Park.


This place sells televisions and is the setting of both reality and a...

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