Requiem for a Dream: A Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter One | Chapter Two

• Harry locks his mother, Sara, in her closet and steals her television.

• Harry and his friend Tyrone pawn Sara's television for drug money.

• Sara returns to watching television.

• Lyle Russel from the McDick Corporation calls Sara and tells her she will be on television.

Chapter Three, Part 1 | Chapter Three, Part 2

• Sara decides to diet and dye her hair for her television appearance; she will call herself Little Red Riding Hood.

• Tyrone and Harry consider working a real job, but instead go to Tony's apartment to do drugs.

Chapter Three, Part 3 | Chapter Three, Part 4-6

• Harry condemns "juice heads."

• Marion, Harry's girlfriend, complains to Harry about her parents.

• Sara checks out dieting books at the library.

• Sara dislikes the way Ada colored her hair.

Chapter Three, Part 7-9

• Tyrone, Marion, and Harry eat and smoke marijuana together.

• Sara struggles with her diet and overeats.

• Harry...

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