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Dennis Smith (firefighter)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How was a firefighter injured while rescuing a child from a fire on Prospect Avenue?
(a) He fell through a hole in the floor.
(b) He suffered smoke inhalation.
(c) He broke his ankle going down the stairs.
(d) He was struck by falling debris.

2. What was wrong with the furnace room where the firefighters retreated for warmth during the Charlotte Street fire?
(a) The furnace was not working.
(b) The roof had caved in.
(c) It was filled with cockroaches.
(d) It was filled with mice.

3. According to Smith, how should kids who pull malicious false alarms be treated?
(a) They should be given guidance care by social services.
(b) They should be sent to an institution for a year.
(c) They should be returned to their parents.
(d) They should be warned of the consequences of false alarms.

4. Why did the John Birch Society want a local teacher in Washingtonville fired?
(a) Because the teacher allowed a student to draw an American flag surrounded by question marks.
(b) Because the teacher was an active union member.
(c) Because the teacher was an outspoken opponent of the war in Vietnam.
(d) Because they felt the teacher was ineffective.

5. Whose job is it to investigate suspicious fires?
(a) Arson specialists.
(b) Fire marshals.
(c) The fire chief.
(d) Fire investigators.

6. How did the firefighter die in the previous incident mentioned in Chapter 2?
(a) He was badly burned in a fire.
(b) He fell off the fire truck as it rounded a corner and died from his injuries.
(c) He died of smoke inhalation while battling a fire.
(d) He suffered a heart attack.

7. Approximately how many calls did Engine Co. 82 respond to the year before the book was written?
(a) Over 9,000.
(b) Over 10,500.
(c) Under 8,000.
(d) Over 10,000.

8. Which captain entered the Kelly Street apartment first?
(a) Capt. Frimes.
(b) Capt. Solwen.
(c) Capt. Smith.
(d) Capt. O'Brien.

9. What did the kids across the street from the Union Avenue fire do when the firefighters arrived?
(a) They cheered.
(b) They asked the firefighters to give them a ride.
(c) They sang.
(d) They chanted and yelled insults.

10. What happened to Capt. Frimes at the Kelly Street fire?
(a) He was trapped by debris in the apartment.
(b) He was burned by the fire.
(c) He was overcome with smoke and had to be pulled out.
(d) Nothing happened to him.

11. How does Smith describe the racial characteristics of Washingtonville?
(a) The town is predominately black.
(b) There are blacks and whites, but they live in separate sections of town.
(c) There are blacks and whites and they are integrated.
(d) The town is overwhelmingly white.

12. What kind of test was Fireman Benny Carroll studying for in Chapter 3?
(a) Lieutenant's exam.
(b) Fire Marshal's exam.
(c) Chief's exam.
(d) Captain's exam.

13. In which borough did Smith serve?
(a) Harlem.
(b) Bedford-Stuyvesant.
(c) Lower East Side.
(d) South Bronx.

14. What did firefighters find at the scene of the fire at the Kelly Street apartments?
(a) Burned food on a stove.
(b) Faulty wiring.
(c) Three gas cans, pointing to arson.
(d) Molotov cocktails.

15. Why was one of the firefighters upset about the Vietnam War protesters?
(a) He supported the war effort.
(b) He felt the protesters did not understand the war.
(c) He felt they were in college simply because it helped them avoid the draft.
(d) He was upset about the disruption to society.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did the firefighters encounter while bringing the hose up the stairs of the burning apartment building on Fox Street?

2. Why did Smith insist on working in the South Bronx?

3. What was the Kelly Street apartment landlord charged with after the fire?

4. Why did the firefighters have a difficult time getting into one of the Kelly Street apartments?

5. How does Smith envision false alarms occurring in richer neighborhoods?

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