Objects & Places from Report from Engine Co. 82

Dennis Smith (firefighter)
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New York City

This is the main location where events in the book take place.

South Bronx

This is the area served by the author and his fire station.

Engine Co. 82

This is the FDNY division to which the author is assigned.


The author and his family live in this small town, which is located 60 miles north of the city where he works.


This is the neighborhood where a firefighter's mother has an apartment; the firefighter often sleeps there when it is too late to drive home.

Charlotte and 170

This is a "hot-spot" in the neighborhood served by the author; frequent calls come in from the firebox located here.

Southern Boulevard and 172nd Street

This vacant lot in the fire station's neighborhood serves as the site of free ice cream parties offered by the Fire Department as community outreach.

The Tenements of the South Bronx


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