Report from Engine Co. 82 Fun Activities

Dennis Smith (firefighter)
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Firemen Relay

Firefighters need to get geared up and ready to go in moments. Bring some old clothes, such as heavy raincoats, hats, and galoshes, into class. Divide the students into two groups and have a relay race. Each students must run to the "gear," put it on, run back, and take it off before the next team member goes.

Chili Cookoff

Firefighters work long shifts and must eat dinner at the station house, so many of them become good chefs. Have each student bring a sample of homemade chili into class and have a taste-off.

Balanced Meal

Have each student design a menu for a full dinner at a fire house. Remind them that the meal should be relatively easy to prepare and easy to keep safe and reheat for those nights that the firemen keep going out on calls.

Recipe Compilation

Many fire stations across the...

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