Report from Engine Co. 82 Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Dennis Smith (firefighter)
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Essay Topic 1

Abject poverty is a recurrent theme in Report From Engine Co. 82. In what ways does Smith think that poverty leads to an increase in crime and fire incidents in the South Bronx? Discuss how feelings of desperation Smith describes can break apart families and contribute to an ongoing cycle of poverty and lawlessness.

Essay Topic 2

Smith met numerous neighborhood children during his years of service--some of them eventually fell prey to the streets, while for others, the future was not yet known. Does Smith feel that society at large can help to ensure that neglected children in poor neighborhoods do not fall victim to the violence and depression around them? What does he believe is society's role in reaching out to needy children who are being ignored by the families?

Essay Topic 3

Most of the malicious false alarms in the engine company's neighborhood were pulled by...

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