Report from Engine Co. 82 Character Descriptions

Dennis Smith (firefighter)
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Dennis Smith

This person is a firefighter with the city of New York and serves in a poor neighborhood in the South Bronx. This person is realistic about the living conditions in the neighborhood, concerned about the perpetuation of poverty, and fiercely devoted to all of the firefighters.

Tina deVega

The author first met this individual when she was 14; now 18, this young person has taken the wrong path in life and is addicted to drugs.

Pat Smith

This person is married to a firefighter serving the South Bronx and lives with their three sons in a small community 60 miles outside New York City.

Dennis Smith's Mom

This resident of Manhattan has an adult child working as a firefighter and repeatedly expresses concern that the job is far too dangerous and that the firefighter should find a safe office job.

Chief Solwin

The head of the Fire Department for...

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