Report from Engine Co. 82 Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Dennis Smith (firefighter)
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• Dennis Smith wrote a letter to the New York Times Book Review, which caught the attention of magazine editors.
• Smith was asked to write about the lives of urban firefighters. explaining their daily lives and challenges.
• Smith believed the stories of his fellow firefighters deserved to be told so that people could understand the challenges they bravely face every day.

Chapter 1

• The firefighters responded to an apartment fire in which two young men died and one was seriously injured.
• The fire marshal discovered that the landlord hired the men to burn the building and then locked them in and threw a match.
• The firefighters reflected on the fact that innocents often died in arson fires and that arsonists sometimes booby-trap places to intentionally injure firefighters responding to the call.

Chapter 2

• Smith discussed how firefighters are apart from other city workers because they never know whether they will...

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