Replay Short Essay - Answer Key

Ken Grimwood
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1. Describe Jeff's first death and the situation of his death.

As Chapter 1 begins, Jeff dies while on the phone with his wife, just as she starts: "We need--." He feels a horrible pressure in his chest, falls to his desk, and sees the time on his digital clock: 1:06 on October 18, 1988.

2. Where and when does Jeff awaken in his first replay? What is unusual about the situation?

Jeff wakes in his college dorm room at Emory University on May 6, 1963. The situation is unusual because his body is that of a college student, but his mind is the same as the moment before he died.

3. How does Jeff convince himself he has gone back in time to a different era of his life after his first death?

Jeff convinces himself that he has gone back in time to a different era of his life by taking a taxi to downtown Atlanta. He sees that the Peachtree Plaza Hotel hasn't been built yet. The next day, Jeff calls his parents. His healthy father has not yet been house-bound by emphysema. His twice-divorced sister is a buoyant 9 year old girl.

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