Daily Lessons for Teaching Replay

Ken Grimwood
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-2)


As Chapter 1 begins, the author reveals that Jeff Winston acts troubled. His marriage seems to have problems, as shown by the phone call with his wife. When he returns to 1963 to replay a segment of his life, the author reveals information about Jeff's past. From this information, the reader can learn about Jeff and the circumstances of this book through the author's use of exposition. Today, students will define exposition and will identify and discuss the exposition revealed in Chapter 1.


1) Class discussion: As a class, develop a working definition of the term "exposition." Exposition is introductory information that gives the setting, creates tone, presents characters and other important information to the reader. Write the definition on the board and have students record it in their notebooks. What things are part of the exposition? What is the setting in this story? When does the story take...

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