Replay Fun Activities

Ken Grimwood
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Jot down events that occur throughout your day. That night, change the events to create your own replay. Where would you like to re-enter? What would you do differently and why? Write it out and turn it in as a 1-2 page report.


Team up with other classmates and select a scene from the book to act out as a 5 minute sketch, making sure that all of the members in the group have a role to play. Make props, costumes, etc, and present the scene for the class.

October 1988

Jeff and Pamela always died in October 1988. Research that particular month and year to learn about news, entertainment, and sports events that were taking place. Write a two-page report about your discoveries and bring articles or other information to support your findings.

Jonestown Massacre

In the book, the Jonestown Massacre foreshadows and magnifies Jeff's fear of developing...

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