Replay Character Descriptions

Ken Grimwood
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Jeff Winston

This character is transported 25 years back in time.

Pamela Phillips

This character uses life replaying experiences to create art.


This character is a spouse to one of the replayers.

Martin Bailey

A replayer helps this friend with some good financial advice, while keeping the friend from committing suicide.

Paula Hawkins

This character is one of the replayer's college sweethearts.

Judy Gordon

A replayer marries this college sweetheart in one of the lives relived.

Frank Maddock

This character builds a multi-million dollar company with one of the replayers.

Sharla Baker

This character parties in Las Vegas and shares drugs and meaningless sex with one of the replayers.

John F. Kennedy

The death of this character proves to one of the replayers that some history cannot be changed.

Lee Harvey Oswald

In this story, this character is arrested, but his alleged crime is still committed any way...

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