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Ken Grimwood
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Chapters 1-2

• Jeff dies while on the phone with his wife, just as she starts: "We need--"

• Jeff dies at 1:06 on October 18, 1988.

• Jeff wakes in his college dorm room at Emory University on May 6, 1963.

• Jeff's college roommate, Martin, who committed suicide in 1981, comes into the room, the youthful college friend he remembers.

• Martin reminds Jeff they've got a double-date that night to see Hitchcock's "The Birds".

• Jeff panics and takes a taxi to downtown Atlanta, to find that the Peachtree Plaza Hotel hasn't been built yet.

• Jeff goes to a hotel bar and has a drink, trying to understand what's happening.
• Jeff returns to his dorm room, where Martin chastises him for standing up Judy.

• The next day, Jeff calls his parents.

• Jeff finds his 1958 Chevy and starts driving, thinking about the implications of his situation.

• More than anything, Jeff wants to talk to someone.

• Jeff gets change...

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