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Short Answer Questions

1. What danger plays from the tip of Big Horn?

2. What does Jimmy grab off of the back of the crab-like creature?

3. Why is the color of the Cylindrical Sea different?

4. What do the explorers hear as they reach the fourth level?

5. What maneuver is Jimmy unsure of how to perform with Dragonfly?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Jerry Kirchoff make facetious comments to Norton and Rousseau in Chapters 36 and 37?

2. Why is it necessary for the sailors on the Resolution to keep their heads above water if the boat capsizes?

3. According to Chapter 23, why is Ravi McAndrews considered one of the last people on the Endeavour to normally engage in a technical discussion?

4. Why is Chapter 27 entitled, "Electric Wind"?

5. Why are Hermians compared to Spartans?

6. Why does the exobiologist, Dr. Perera, feel mortified at the beginning of Chapter 19?

7. Describe the first creature that is encountered on Rama.

8. Commander Norton speculates about the origin of the lights on Rama. What are some of his theories?

9. How does Commander Norton feel about Boris Rodrigo's request to send a priority message to the Mother Church?

10. Why did the Commander delay explaining the method they were going to use to Jimmy?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

People in power are sometimes accused of seeing the small picture at the expense of the big picture and may make decisions that are good for a small number of people or for the short run and are bad for humans in general or for the long term. Who follows this pattern in the book, or the opposite pattern? Give one example of each type of behavior and compare and contrast their actions. Be sure to follow their pattern of behavior from the beginning to the end of the book and show if they learned anything, or are likely to have learned anything, based on the events in the story.

Essay Topic 2

Captain Norton has two wives living on two worlds. These women never appear in the book but their existence provides an important contribution to the book. Why did the author include letters to the wives in this book and how do these letters and the existence of these women serve the writing of the book?

Essay Topic 3

Women appear to be a minority on the Endeavour. Only two women play substantive roles in the novel. Who are these two women and what are their accomplishments and/or shortcomings? Are they fully-formed characters or two-dimensional? Are they stereotypical or play against type? Compare and contrast them to two of the main characters who are male. Based on your analysis, what is the author saying about gender roles? Consider gender roles in the late twentieth century when the book was written as well as the author's apparent predictions for the future.

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