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Short Answer Questions

1. What type of force does the Commander account for upon landing the Endeavour?

2. What does Joe Calvert assume about the builders of Rama?

3. What location has one-third as much gravity as Earth?

4. SPACEGUARD is keeping track of how many asteroids at once?

5. Who goes with the Commander on the first EVA?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Commander Norton concerned about how Boris Rodrigo may react after disembarking to explore Rama?

2. Name two things that concerned Commander Norton about landing on Rama.

3. According to Chapter 4, what unusual action was taken so that Rama could intercept Rama?

4. What were the characteristics of the object known as 31/439 that set it apart from other asteroids?

5. Describe the theories put forth to the Rama Committee about the age of Rama.

6. The Rama Committed is concerned about an ominous possibility that they consider to be likely. What is it?

7. SPACEGUARD computers are used for what purpose?

8. What was the most mysterious characteristic of the object known as 31/439?

9. After the initial news media fuss, why did all the world forget about Rama, except for the astronomers?

10. Why did Commander Norton feel a kinship with a long-dead Egyptologist?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When exploring a new land, familiar names of locations are comforting to the explorers. This book is filled with locations on extraterrestrial planets and on Rama that are named for locations we are familiar with on Earth. How does the use of these locations influence the reader? Compare and contrast three of these locations and explain how the usage of these locations contributes to the reader's understanding.

Essay Topic 2

The entire world of Rama is ostensibly created by beings that the explorers never meet, but based on the world they explored, the crew of the Endeavour, the officials, and the rest of the humanity make guesses and assumptions about what Ramans are or would be like. Describe your idea of what Ramans are like--their physical appearance, culture, and way of thinking. Back up your ideas with facts from the book.

Essay Topic 3

Describe what a Simp is, how Simps contribute to the running of the Endeavour, and the pros and cons of having them aboard. Is the author drawing any parallels between Simps and the biots found on Rama? Compare and contrast Simps and the biots.

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