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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the object that is first cataloged as 31/439?
(a) The mysterious object that became known as Rama.
(b) One of Jupiter's moons.
(c) A chunk of space junk that is tracked by the super computers until it crashes into Mars.
(d) One of Saturn's rings.

2. Who goes with the Commander on the first EVA?
(a) Boris Rodrigo.
(b) Karl Mercer.
(c) James Pak.
(d) Joe Calvert.

3. Which "city" on Rama is assumed to be more like an enormous factory or chemical processing plant?
(a) Paris.
(b) New York.
(c) Peking.
(d) Tokyo.

4. What loss is so great that it was beyond all computation?
(a) The loss to art, to history, to science--and to the whole human race, for the rest of time.
(b) The loss of six hundred thousand people.
(c) The loss of resources and skills acquired during the twentieth century.
(d) The loss of beautiful dawns and sunsets all over the world.

5. How many asteroids are being discovered by PROJECT SPACEGUARD by the year 2130?
(a) A thousand in 120 years.
(b) Five a month.
(c) Two hundred a year.
(d) Twelve a day.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Chapter 6, how far is the distance between Earth and Mars?

2. What does the first images of Rama prove?

3. Why is Baked Alaska mentioned in Chapter 14?

4. Where does Dr. Bose currently reside?

5. What words does the author use to portray the vast majority of asteroids?

Short Essay Questions

1. SPACEGUARD computers are used for what purpose?

2. What did Dr. Stenton discover about Rama after he processed the results from viewing the asteroid with a big orbiting telescope?

3. What lesson does Commander Norton believe he has learned after seeing the Straight Valley?

4. The Rama Committed is concerned about an ominous possibility that they consider to be likely. What is it?

5. According to Chapter 4, what unusual action was taken so that Rama could intercept Rama?

6. What things surprised Commander Norton about Rama while he was waiting to exit the Endeavour to explore Rama?

7. What are some of the problems involving having simps on board?

8. What do believers in the Pandora movement believe in?

9. According to Chapter 5, what does the exploration party think of the design of Rama? How does this affect their EVA mission?

10. What were the characteristics of the object known as 31/439 that set it apart from other asteroids?

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