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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Commander Norton feel about landing on Rama?
(a) Filled with trepedation.
(b) A sense of danger and surprise.
(c) A mixture of elation and anxiety.
(d) A healthy dose of caution.

2. What surprises Commander Norton as he approached Rama for the rendezvous?
(a) The realization that Rama's mass is smaller than predicted.
(b) That Jupiter VIII is slightly larger than Rama.
(c) That landing on the Moon or Mars is easier than landing on Rama.
(d) Rama's overwhelming size.

3. How expensive is time on a big orbiting telescope?
(a) Ten thousand dollars an hour.
(b) A thousand dollars an hour.
(c) Ten thousand dollars per quarter hour.
(d) A thousand dollars a minute.

4. What is the first city to be visited by the Commander and the other explorers?
(a) Tokyo.
(b) New York.
(c) Paris.
(d) London.

5. Why is Baked Alaska mentioned in Chapter 14?
(a) Because it is a favorite at U.P. banquets.
(b) Because Baked Alaska is the most complicated dessert the Simps can make.
(c) Because it is a reminder of Earth.
(d) Because Rama is hot on the outside and cold on the inside, like a Baked Alaska dessert,

6. According to Chapter 1, what happens after the initial shock wore off in 2077?
(a) A great war broke out that caused losses of more than a trillion dollars.
(b) The people of Earth became united and determined.
(c) Skills long forgotten were revived and taught in colleges and universities.
(d) The wealth of the world was squandered as many countries attempted to destroy weapons launched at their citizens.

7. How many asteroids are being discovered by PROJECT SPACEGUARD by the year 2130?
(a) A thousand in 120 years.
(b) Five a month.
(c) Twelve a day.
(d) Two hundred a year.

8. What is Camp Alpha?
(a) A permanent camp on Rama.
(b) A temporary meeting place for the Rama Committee.
(c) The place on Rama thought to be perhaps a million years old.
(d) A temporary camp on Rama.

9. What event do the inhabitants of Earth see as inevitable?
(a) The overpopulation of Earth.
(b) Catastrophic destruction caused by a meteorite from space landing in an inhabited city.
(c) Continued cosmic bombardment of the Moon, causing additional scarring of the "face."
(d) The destruction of the city of Venice by a tsunami, caused by the eruption of Krakatoa.

10. What does the Commander think about the amount of responsibility he must shoulder on this mission?
(a) He is glad that some of the decisions are made by those on Earth, but also envies navigators of the past.
(b) He is uncertain that it is smart to put all decision-making authority in the hands of one commander.
(c) He wishes he had less decision-making authority.
(d) He enjoys having the lion's share of decision-making authority.

11. What is Straight Valley?
(a) A valley located next to the Rockies.
(b) A line dug into the sand near the Cylindrical Sea.
(c) A long groove or trench near Paris.
(d) A valley adjacent to the South Pole.

12. For the Commander, Straight Valley reminds him of what part of his past?
(a) A summer vacation in England.
(b) An education in industrial archaeology, abandoned in college.
(c) His first marriage.
(d) His childhood in the foothills.

13. In Chapter 5, what streams from the newly-opened pillbox "like dazzling diamonds as the brilliant sunlight caught them"?
(a) Anti-matter particles.
(b) Water vapor droplets.
(c) Dust particles.
(d) Oxygen molecules.

14. When the pillbox-shaped structure starts to move, it looks like what object?
(a) A dumbell.
(b) A mountain.
(c) A clamshell.
(d) A hat box.

15. Why is a cloud of vapor sent toward Rama?
(a) To see if Rama has enough gravity to hold an atmosphere.
(b) To see if it will be sucked into the interior of Rama.
(c) As a method to measure the temperature on the surface of Rama.
(d) To see if it will interact with Rama and produce "fireworks."

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the first images of Rama prove?

2. In Chapter 11, what is identified as a psychological problem that may arise for the explorers?

3. How big is the mass of Rama?

4. What location has one-third as much gravity as Earth?

5. What is used for a far nobler purpose at the end of Chapter 1?

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