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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 31-38.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 17, what makes the sound that wakes the whole camp?
(a) An earthquake.
(b) Storm-force winds.
(c) Driving rain drumming on the metal structures.
(d) Ice sheets breaking up.

2. What happens at the sixth small spike?
(a) Audio transmissions to Hub Control is garbled.
(b) Jimmy starts counting and can't stop.
(c) Jimmy's eyesight becomes distorted.
(d) Jimmy's homing beacon goes dead.

3. What surprises Commander Norton as he approached Rama for the rendezvous?
(a) The realization that Rama's mass is smaller than predicted.
(b) That Jupiter VIII is slightly larger than Rama.
(c) That landing on the Moon or Mars is easier than landing on Rama.
(d) Rama's overwhelming size.

4. What is thrown down the face of the cliff after midnight by Pieter Rousseau?
(a) A tube of toothpaste.
(b) A telescope.
(c) A scalpel to be used for dissection.
(d) A small can labeled, "concentrated orange juice."

5. In Chapter 15, how does Dr. Ernst get to the surface of the Cylindrical Sea?
(a) Dr. Ernst slides frictionlessly down the cliff.
(b) Dr. Ernst is lowered by rope.
(c) Dr. Ernst uses a stairwway.
(d) Dr. Ernst repels down the cliff.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who speaks fluent Simplish?

2. There is speculation that New York gets its raw materials from where?

3. Who is Captain James Cook?

4. For the object 31/149, what do the numbers represent?

5. In Chapter 13, what does Joe Calvert do to entertain himself and the rest of the explorers?

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