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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 24-30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When on top of the levee at the far side of the city, what concerns Norton?
(a) The complexity of the levee.
(b) Signs of life started to appear suddenly.
(c) There is no apparent means of access to the southern hemisphere.
(d) The wall is apparently part of a prison.

2. What is the object that is first cataloged as 31/439?
(a) A chunk of space junk that is tracked by the super computers until it crashes into Mars.
(b) One of Saturn's rings.
(c) The mysterious object that became known as Rama.
(d) One of Jupiter's moons.

3. What surprises Commander Norton as he approached Rama for the rendezvous?
(a) That landing on the Moon or Mars is easier than landing on Rama.
(b) The realization that Rama's mass is smaller than predicted.
(c) Rama's overwhelming size.
(d) That Jupiter VIII is slightly larger than Rama.

4. What does Joe Calvert assume about the builders of Rama?
(a) The builders of Rama are humanoid.
(b) The builders of Rama are able to see in the dark.
(c) The builders of Rama are small in stature.
(d) The builders of Rama are more intelligent than humans.

5. Why is a cloud of vapor sent toward Rama?
(a) As a method to measure the temperature on the surface of Rama.
(b) To see if it will interact with Rama and produce "fireworks."
(c) To see if Rama has enough gravity to hold an atmosphere.
(d) To see if it will be sucked into the interior of Rama.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Commander think about the amount of responsibility he must shoulder on this mission?

2. The reference to the five giants is referring to what group of five?

3. SPACEGUARD is keeping track of how many asteroids at once?

4. According to Chapter 18, how many "linear suns" switched on?

5. What does the Commander decide to do about the priority message to earth?

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